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Primary Election 2003

Election Candidates

City of Richmond

City of Richmond Mayor

Sarah L. (Sally) Hutton D
Shelley Miller R

City of Richmond Clerk

Karen Chasteen D
Myra J. Miller R
Marianne Schulze R

City Council At Large (Elect 3)

Dick Foore D
Albert (Al) Glover D
Terry Harkleroad R
Gilbert Klose D
Tim J. McAvene R
Diana J. Pappin R
Norma Carnes Schroeder R
Stephen H. Rabe R
Boby Rutherford D

Common Council District 1

Howard Jack Elstro D

Common Council District 2

William H. Grimes III (Skip) R
Etta Lundy D

Common Council District 3

R. Bruce Wissel R

Common Council District 4

Karl M. Sharp R

Common Council District 5

Charles A. Bizzaro D
Bing Welch R

Common Council District 6

Philip L. Marino D
Larry L. Parker R



Janice Roberts R

Town Council

Inezetta E. Stiver R Ward 1
Marcia Hoyt D Ward 2
Kate Johnson-Keep R Ward 2
Daniel W. Wandersee R Ward 3
Robert C. Tice R Ward 4
Ray Dickerson R Ward 5
David Torbeck R Ward 5


Town Judge

Rebecca L. Justice R

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