WCHD Logo - Public Health Prepardness

100 S. 5th Street
Richmond, IN 47374

Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: (765) 973-9245
FAX: (765) 973-9361

Executive Director: Christine Stinson, REHS
Phone: (765) 973-9245 ext. 1368
E-Mail: cstinson@co.wayne.in.us

Health Officer: David Jetmore, M.D.

Emergency Prepardness Coordinator:
Dan Burk, EHS, Emergency Prepardness Coordinator, AHA CPR Instructor
Phone: (765) 973-9284

Public health disasters happen. Whether they are natural, such as a disease outbreak, or a man-made bioterrorist incident or cyber attack, the Wayne County Health Department continually prepares for such disasters to make sure that local residents suffer minimal impacts from disaster scenarios.

Offered within Public Health Prepardness efforts are a vibrant flu vaccination program, public preparedness and readiness education, and training programs for local leaders and administrators.

We have organized and prepared for such an event by:

  • Assessing a plan

  • Meeting with our community partners

  • Selection of dispensing/vaccination sites

  • Staff training

Practice Exercises- Health Department personnel, community partners, and volunteers practice responding to public health emergencies. We then evaluate the effectiveness of our response and devise an improvement plan.

Public Health Emergencies that occur in other counties or states- WCHD pays attention to responses made by others and strives to adopt "Best Practices." Education- WCHD endeavors to take advantage of preparedness education opportunities.

The Wayne County Health Department has plans for public health emergencies. These plans are updated as necessary and are "Living Documents."