JOB TITLE: Civilian Correctional Officer

Date Posted: January 01, 2023

Department: Sheriff

Hours: 40 hours/Full-time

Pay: $47,424.00 annually

To perform this position successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed in this document are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Wayne County provides reasonable accommodation to qualified employees and applicants with known disabilities who require accommodation to complete the application process or perform essential functions of the job unless the accommodation would cause an undue hardship.

Incumbent serves as the Civilian Correctional Officer for the Sheriff’s Department, responsible for maintaining the safety and security of inmates and jail staff.


Performs booking procedures of detained individuals, including fingerprinting, obtaining background and medical information, photographing, searching individuals, and accounting for individual’s money and property.

Processes individuals out of jail facility, verifying release orders, completing documents, and returning personal property. Performs bonding procedures, completing required forms, receiving bond money, and writing receipts and checks to the County Clerk.

Conducts security and inmate body count checks of jail facility including, monitoring security cameras, monitoring detainee’s activity and behavior, reporting all unusual/unruly activity, and securing and/or physically restraining violent and uncontrollable detainees. Conducts routine “shakedowns” of all cells and prepares written reports.

Escorts detainees to/from sick calls. Conducts search of suspects/arrestees and seizes weapons or contraband.

Ensures personal hygiene and health of detainees and cleanliness of cell areas, accounting for all cleaning supplies and equipment issued to detainees. Issues prescribed medications according to physician orders, including verifies with physician and maintaining records. Follows appropriate procedures to ensure all detainees receive medical attention.

Oversees detainees in allowable activities and responds to detainees grievances following established chain of command procedures. Distributes daily meals and ensures all trays are removed from cellblock.

May ensure proper training of jail personnel, including developing training programs, instructing training courses, and documenting training program.

Prepares written reports, such as memos, letters, and activity reports. Enters data into computer. Maintains cell block logs and records inmate activity.

Answers business or emergency telephones from the public, enters date on computer, and types reports. Receives security or fire alarms and/or activates alarms and fire protections system in an emergency. Maintains communication equipment.

Secures, protects, and documents crime scenes within the jail, including collecting and preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Serves subpoenas, civil process papers and other documents. Gives testimony in legal proceedings.

Responds to detainee grievances following established chain of command procedures.

Attends prescribed in-service or other training programs for certification/re-certification in specialized law enforcement areas.

Operates jail computer system, entering information, generating reports, and reporting hardware and software problems.

Maintains uniform in a neat and professional manner.

Maintains confidentiality and security of information/cases.

Makes daily inspection of each cell and housing unit during assigned workdays.

Evaluates new arrivals for medical problems and closely monitors intoxicated persons and/or persons at the jail with medical problems in a manner prescribed by the jail’s medical office or other jail policy.

Performing other duties, as are required which pertain to the jail operation and/or other departmental activities.


High school diploma or GED and Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Training as a Correctional Officer.

Possession of or ability to obtain possession of certification in first responder/CPR.

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Working knowledge of standard office procedures and basic computer skills, and ability to apply such knowledge to a variety of interrelated processes, tasks, and operations.

Working knowledge of Standard English grammar, spelling and pronunciation and ability to complete forms and reports within department deadlines.

Ability to comply with all departmental hiring requirements including drug test, medical, psychological, and written exam, and agility test.

Ability to operate office and law enforcement equipment, including computer, calculator, camera, radio, breathalyzer, fingerprinting equipment, and drug/narcotic identification kit.

Ability to assume role of officer in charge according to established chain of command, including making work assignments and providing discipline.

Ability to supervisor personnel according to established chain of command, including making work assignments, authorizing leave time, evaluating performance, maintaining discipline, and ensuring jail compliance with policies and procedures.

Ability to properly operate all assigned vehicles, equipment, and uniforms.

Ability to obtain and apply knowledge of applicable local, state, and federal laws, codes, ordinances, and accepted police procedures.

Ability to deal swiftly, rationally, and decisively with potentially violent individuals in precarious situations, and take authoritative action applying appropriate discretion and common sense.

Ability to speak clearly and distinctly, hear and be heard and understood when communicating in person, by radio, or by telephone.

Ability to use tact and diplomacy in communicating with co-workers, inmates, inmates’ families, other law enforcement agencies, and the public, including being sensitive to professional ethics, gender, cultural diversities, and disabilities.

Ability to obey all written and oral orders and directives from department supervisors.

Ability to protect oneself from contracting infectious diseases by avoiding high risk environments and by having knowledge of and utilizing universal health precautions.

Ability to perform essential functions of the position without posing a direct threat to the health and safety of self and other individuals in the workplace.

Ability to competently serve the public with diplomacy and respect, including occasional encounter with irate/hostile persons.

Ability to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information/records according to state requirements.

Ability to operate standard office equipment, including computer, typewriter, calculator, fax machine, copier, and telephone.

Working knowledge of radio frequencies, codes, procedures, and limitations.

Ability to properly operate various jail equipment, including intercom system, radio, security cameras, door panels, video system, and various alarms.

Ability to compute, perform arithmetic operations, such as determining charges and balancing cash drawer.

Ability to work alone with minimum supervision and with others in a team environment.

Ability to work on several tasks at the same time and work rapidly for long periods, often under time pressure.

Ability to understand, memorize, retain, and carry out written and oral instructions and present findings in oral or written form.

Ability to plan and layout work assignments.

Ability to testify in legal proceedings.

Ability to regularly work weekends, extended hours, and evenings. Ability to occasionally respond to emergencies from an off-duty status.

Possession of a valid driver’s license and demonstrated safe driving record.


Incumbent performs a variety of duties according to specific instructions and guidelines taken from departmental policy and police procedures. Errors in decision or work may be readily detected by supervisory review and legally defined procedures and may lead to loss of life to self, co-workers, or public and have adverse effects upon department operations, and inconvenience to members of the public.


Incumbent maintains frequent contact with co-workers, State, City, and County Law Enforcement, inmates, inmates’ families, Department of Corrections, and the public for the purposes of exchanging information and explaining/interpreting policies and procedures.

Incumbent reports directly to the Jail Corporal and/or Jail Sergeant.


Incumbent performs duties in a jail/confinement center, involving sitting and walking at will, sitting/standing/walking for long periods, walking on uneven terrain, working in extreme hot or cold temperatures and wet/icy conditions, walking/running/carrying equipment up/down flights of stairs, running fast for short periods, encountering resistance, subduing an attacking and/or armed individual, working near fumes, odors, dust and dirt, working in a noisy environment, working in confined areas, lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling over 50 pounds, crouching/kneeling, bending at the waist, reaching, driving, keyboarding, close and far vision, color and depth perception, hearing sounds/communication, and handling/grasping/fingering objects. Incumbent works with or is exposed to violent/irate individuals and responds to situations involving potential physical harm to self and others.

Incumbent is regularly required to work weekends, work extended and irregular hours, and evenings and respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis.